Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am a glutton. When I’m not lusting after food, I’m eating it. But we all know the downfall of gluttony: The stomachache, the grease-ball feel after devouring too much fast food, junk food or fatty food.

Most of us don’t cave to that kind of food because we like it. We eat it because we’re hungry or because it’s there, because we are either too busy, too tired or too lazy to prepare a meal for ourselves. And so we become gluttons for punishment, a sinful cycle to our bodies that lands us in food purgatory…or even hell.

There’s a better way, and that’s what these writings are all about. I suggest we become gluttons for reward. Let’s savor food in our speedy world with simple, fresh and sumptuous meals that feed our desire for nourishment—without making us regret the deadly sin later.

And to all my little congregants of good food: Everyone is welcome.

If you eat meat, come and expect no judgment, but keep an open mind if I throw a little soysage your way. If you don’t do meat or anything animal-based, come to my table--but please, no proselytizing.  If you are a fish-eating vegetarian, your pescatarian palate will pop. If you choose to eat ethically-acquired animal products, eat with me. Eat with us.

So to gluttons everywhere…Let’s join hands and say a word of thanks to an ever-blooming world that keeps us nourished, season after season. 

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